Ultimate Baseball Challenge Tournaments


Professional Scouts, College Scouts, and Press may be present at any time. 

It’s a must for all participants of any UBCT Event to RE2PECT the game.

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Come and Play in a real Championship Style Event. Not just Games.

2017 SPRING / 2017 SUMMER / 2017 FALL

A $ 100.00 deposit is required to hold you spot in any UBCT event.

  June 23-25, 2017 • 16u – H.S. Varsity Prep @ Greater San Antonio Area (TBD)

  June 23-25, 2017 • 18u – College Prospect @ Greater San Antonio Area (TBD) 


  January 2018 • High School 2018 Seniors – College Prospect EVENTS GAME                  @ Greater San Antonio Area (TBD).

This event is for the 2018 High School Senior ONLY.                                       Position Players may be recommended by the following circumstances…

  • Creditable Coaches recommendation.
  • Creditable Scouts recommendation.
  • Event Director recommendation.
  • Completely filled out EVENT application form.

All Position Players recommendation will be reviewed and evaluated. All Position Players recommended will also have there previous High School season reviewed and evaluated. Recommended requirements are at least one (1) year of verified High School Varsity Baseball. This event is for serious minded baseball players that are seeking the attraction of the next level. This event may not be for everyone. This event is limited to the number of players / positions that may be participating. All interested players must be able to provide the requested information by the Event Director. The sooner the better, don’t miss out on this opportunity. You may request the information form via E-MAIL from ubcttx@gmail.com.

The number of Position Players will be as follow …

TEAM “A”… P – 6; c – 3; 1B – 2; 2b – 2; 3b – 2; ss – 2; LF – 2; CF – 2; RF – 2 = 23 (+ 2 alt.) = 25 total

TEAM “B”… P – 6; C – 3; 1B – 2; 2B – 2; 3B – 2; SS – 2; LF – 2; CF – 2; RF – 2 = 23 (+ 2 alt.) = 25 total



Age based on day off tournament
All players must be able to verify age and school status. 
No players will be allowed if already playing college baseball.
• All Players must sign and turn in a waiver form to UBCT.
• All players must have a current / valid school picture identification.
• Copies of All players birth certificates must be available for inspection.
• Coaches must able to present appropriate ID of each player upon request.
• All teams must have valid General Liability Insurance submitted at registration.
• Any dishonesty eliminates chances of team playing in event.
UBCT will enact the non-refundable policy, firmly. 
UBCT does welcome scouts and media personnel. Contact Tourney Director.
Adolph Guerra, Tournament Director
Ultimate Baseball Challenge Tournaments

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